Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can take part in the NUSPS Montage 2019 Competition?

    Anyone who has registered through and submitted their photos via their Instagram accounts using the respective hashtags will be considered for NUSPS’ Montage 2019 Competition.

    Open Category (#MadeInSGOpen): from ages 13 and above as of 2019
    Youth Category (#MadeInSGYouth): from ages 13 to 25 as of 2019

    Participants are allowed to submit different photographs to qualify for both categories. However, the same photo submission cannot be used to enter two categories (i.e. Do not use both hashtags in one submission). Such entries will be counted towards the Youth Category by default. Each photograph can only be tagged with one category.

    There is no limit to the number of submissions for each participant, as long as they use the appropriate hashtags correctly and fulfill all competition requirements.

  2. What is the scoring criteria for the Montage 2019 Competition?

    Judging will be based on the photo’s and caption’s alignment to the theme of Our National Identity, technical proficiency and creativity. Bonus points will be awarded for attending any of our 3 workshops. Please remember to register as well on our website!

  3. How do I register and qualify for Montage 2019 Competition?

    To qualify and have your entry considered valid for Montage 2019, participants must satisfy ALL of the below requirements:

    1. Registration via:
    2. Only one category to be considered per submission (i.e. Hashtag either #MadeInSGYouth or #MadeInSGOpen)
    3. Upload your photo on Instagram and tell us what this photo means to you in relation to the theme of Our National Identity in less than 30 words with the appropriate hashtag (i.e. #MadeInSGYouth or #MadeInSGOpen)
    4. Your Instagram account must be public
    5. Follow @NUSPS, @NikonSG, @NYCSG and @CathayPhoto on Instagram
  4. Can my photos be edited with Lightroom, Photoshop or any related photo editing software?

    Yes, however, NUSPS encourages participants to submit photos with minimal editing (i.e. exposure and color adjustments only). The focus is not in the editing but in the storytelling from both the photo and caption that is in line with the theme of Our National Identity.

  5. Can I still submit my pictures in Instagram after the specified deadline of submission for Montage 2019?

    Any late submissions will not be recognized or entertained by NUSPS and all relevant parties.

  6. How will I be contacted if I win the Montage 2019 competition?

    Montage shortlisted winners will be contacted by 7th July 2019. Take note that if you are unreachable at this point of time by all contactable means (i.e. mobile, email, Instagram), you will be voided as a winner.

  7. Is NUSPS liable for any participants’ claims, loss and individual actions of any nature?

    NUSPS is not liable for any loss incurred throughout the whole duration of the Montage 2019 event. NUSPS does kindly advise that all participants prioritize their safety, health, and the environment throughout the duration of Montage 2019. NUSPS will not be responsible for any negligence, irresponsible or illegal actions conducted by the registered participants and they are fully responsible for their own actions.

For more enquiries, please email